You Can Easily and Quickly Learn Handcrafted Soap Making!

The Soapivore Series is the ebook bundle that teaches you how to make high-end, all-natural, skin-healthy, long-lasting artisan herbal soap.

Making your own soap is a life-long skill that benefits yourself and your family. It is a skill you can master and teach to others. Each household and every community should know how to formulate and produce soap.

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What's In the Bundle?

A masterclass on creating incredible Cold-Process soaps from exquisite ingredients like high-quality oils, butters and herbal extracts. You will learn how to blend and fragrance soap with some of nature's most precious gifts - aromatic essential oils. On top of all of that, you'll get worksheets to develop your own soap formulas & ideas for packaging and presenting your soap.

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Learn Cold-Process soap making best practices and the fundamental principles you need to know to formulate high-end, luxurious, spa-quality soap. Get the fail-safe calculations to consistently and excellently make your tried and true formulas each and every time.


Ingredients, Equipment, Best Practices

  • Chemistry of Soap Making
  • Soap Making Best Practices
  • Ingredients
  • Tools and Equipment


Incorporate Herbal Extracts and Essential Oils

  • Herbal Infusions
  • Herbal Decoctions
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Blending Essential Oils


Calculations and Concepts

  • Calculate the Required Sodium Hydroxide and Liquid
  • Fatty Acids of Oils and Butter
  • Saponification Values
  • Temperatures
  • Important Concepts in Soap Making


Cold-Process Soap Making

  • Cold-Process Soap Making Step-by-Step
  • Cold-Process Soap Formulas
  • Troubleshooting
  • Online Resources


Worksheet Kit

  • Soap Batch Worksheets
  • Soap Formulations
  • Observations
  • Ingredients & Supplies Records


Packaging Templates

  • Soap Bands
  • Flip Top Box
  • Round Box
  • Hangtags

About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind the Soapivore Soap Making Ebook Bundle.

Michelle Morgan

Michelle is the owner and founder of Anointed Bar and has been a soap maker for many years.

“I thoroughly enjoy soap making. I love developing new soap formulas and sharing the finished products with friends and family. I want to share my love and passion with the world. That’s what this ebook bundle is about. These ebooks will teach soap making best practices to any skillset.”

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