Plan Your Purchases Before Making Cold-Process and Hand-Milled Soap Formulas

  • The Shopping Planner for Soap Makers Workbook is a 60+ page pdf download.

  • The Shopping Planner for Soap Makers Cost Tracker is a Google Sheets document that includes a Cost Tracker by Category spreadsheet and a Summary of Costs by Category spreadsheet.
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What Does the Shopping Planner Include?

  • A Soap Making Production Schedule template
  • A cheat sheet to show what considerations should be made when researching and purchasing ingredients and supplies.
  • 15+ worksheets to organize the purchasing details of soap making oils, butters, nutrients, colorants and other additives.
  • Completely formatted Google Sheets spreadsheets that track your soap making costs by category and summarize all costs so you can see your expenses at a glance.
  • Complete instructions on how to use the planner and spreadsheets 
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About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind the Shopping Planner and Cost Tracker Spreadsheet for Soap Makers.

Michelle Morgan

Michelle is the owner and founder of Anointed Bar and has been a soap maker for many years.

Organize Your Soap Making Supplies and Ingredients

Useful tools for the organized soap maker:

  • Establish a soap making production schedule you will adhere to
  • Have a cheat sheet at hand to know what to look for when shopping for supplies and ingredients
  • Keep track of your soap making purchasing details